The magic of Mages of Mystralia seeks support on Kickstarter

It is a video game where the player can design and use their own spells.

From today until April 15, users can help finance the action-adventure video game Mages of Mystralia, a project whose highlight is the possibility of designing and using their own spells in a fantasy world. Presented as the meeting between The Legend of Zelda and Harry Potter, the video game asks users for 25,000 Canadian dollars -17,500 euros to change- on Kickstarter.

The campaign, despite having started a few hours ago, is going quite well and is about to achieve a fifth of the set goal and launch this title in PC, PS4 and Xbox One this next spring. The proposal takes the player to be Zia, a young girl with an innate sense of magic, and undertake a journey through different regions where she will learn to handle her power, solve puzzles and fight bosses among other missions.

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