The best-known internal source bets on God of War 4 and not The Last of Us 2 for E3

Shinobi602, who has already aptly advanced countless games in the past, rules out the sequel to Naughty Dog's game.

If you've been keeping up with video game news in recent years, you probably know Shinobi602, an industry insider who has successfully leaked a lot of games in the past. On this occasion he has assured in an interview that you can consult accompanying the news that the great star of Sony for your conference at the E3 2016 will be God of War IV.

This information about its existence is not exactly new, since he himself has already advanced some of the things that he believes will be fulfilled in a hypothetical presentation of the title, but it is the fact that he himself assures that the program will be present in the fair and that, in addition, ensures that there will be no presence of the rumored second part of The Last of Us.

Explain what Kratos It could appear in the game, but it confirms again that it will not be the protagonist of it.