The fascinating scene from Death Stranding that will break the mold with the use of the camera

Hideo Kojima seeks to break the fourth wall with his video game and promises a fascinating scene to achieve it.

In recent days we have told you about the presence of Hideo Kojima at the Tribeca festival, where he has surrounded himself with celebrities from the world of cinema, as you can see in that link. However, one of the most important things he has left us is new information about Death Stranding and, this time, a truly interesting one.

It is collected by the GamesRadar portal, which explains some new details about how the title break the fourth wall and, in addition, it does so with a powerful example that can have really curious and revolutionary playable implications. "It is an open world game but, at the same time, it is something completely new," Kojima wanted to advance.

"I can't say where, but there is going to be a moment in the game where you are not going to control Sam (Norman Reedus's character), you will only handle the camera. You will see Sam, and you can move the camera around. And while you're at it, he can do things like wink at you. So during the game you are going to handle Sam, but in the drama part Sam will act to impact your emotions. "

You are going to fall in love with Norman Reedus This new secret area, of which Kojima himself does not want to give more clues, seems a really groundbreaking element when it comes to revolutionizing the way we conceive the management of perspective in video games. "I can not say much more, Sony would not be very happy if I do", reveals Kojima, who, however, anticipates the following: "You will see Norman as Sam in the game, and you will see his interpretation very closely in the cinematics. .. You are going to enjoy it. You are going to fall in love with Norman. "

"In our world many things happen, in America, in Europe ... Everything is connected through the internet, but not in a way that allows us to really connect with the rest of the planet. I want to use that as a metaphor in the video game", The creative advances, in an extension of statements that we already offered you a few days ago in line with Death Stranding's intention to contribute something to open world games. "The player is going to have to reconnect the world. You are very lonely in the title. There is a constant feeling of loneliness. The key word is connection."

At the moment we do not know much about the new project of the creator of the Metal Gear saga, what is clear is that, apart from Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima wants to continue creating games until the end of his days.

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