Star Wars: Battlefront experience on PlayStation VR will run on Frostbite and will arrive in 2016

The mysterious Electronic Arts project will feature the DICE engine on PlayStation 4.

Presented at the last GDC, Sony will bring to your virtual reality device, PlayStation VR, an experience based on Star Wars: Battlefront. The insistence of the Japanese in calling it "experience" already made many suspect that what could be played would differ from the full game sold by HE SAYS a few months ago, but now EA has added a new track to the project: it will not unlink from Frostbite.

The CEO of Electronic arts, Andrew Wilson, in its meeting with shareholders to present the results of the fiscal year 2016: "Our unprecedented engine Frostbite will power some of our games in 2016, including a new experience based on Star Wars: Battlefront for PlayStation VR". In other words, it will arrive in 2016 and Wilson does not forget the tag "experience" when referring to the product.

The person in charge of presenting the project last March was the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Andrew House, who guaranteed that "it will be a Star Wars: Battlefront experience like no other. Players will be able to transport themselves to a galaxy far, far away." . Its date is a mystery. PlayStation VR will arrive in Europe in October for 399 euros.