PlayStation 2 emulation on PlayStation 4 does not offer backward compatibility

It will be limited to the purchase of digital games on the Network. Original discs or past downloads cannot be used.

The only thing that was said a few days ago is that it was working on the emulation of PlayStation 2 on PlayStation 4, but it was never specified what was going to be done with it. Thanks to the leak of an official video of Sony on his YouTube channel, now defunct, it has been revealed that the emulation of the PlayStation 2 games in the current generation will only be used for downloadable items that are purchased on PlayStation 4.

In other words: not backward compatibleAnd if you bought the original game on PlayStation 2 or got a Classics on PlayStation 3, you won't be able to use it on PlayStation 4. It seems that the video showed the virtues of the classic Dark Cloud with the emulation of the current PlayStation. It was viewed at a resolution of 1080p and includes trophies and other typical video game features that can be played today on the fourth generation of Sony.

No one at Sony has yet made an official statement. Given the appearance of the video and the proximity of PlayStation Experience, it is very likely that the Japanese company has chosen the appointment of San Francisco to specify new data on this function. The press conference will be held on Saturday afternoon. Feel free to follow her from 3DJuegos.