The most exclusive GT Sport collector's edition: With a real car!

It costs $ 40,600 and already has a buyer. A unique edition for Taiwan.

The wide range of possibilities that collector's editions provide to video game developers and publishers will never cease to amaze us. The latest madness has signed it Sony Interactive Entertainment Taiwan, and consists of an edition of Gran Turismo Sport valued at $ 46,600 that includes, among other things, 12 months of PlayStation Plus and a Mazda MX-5.

The Mazda includes Gran Turismo and PlayStation vinyls, but the pack is completed with everything a Gran Turismo player could need at its premiere with the new installment of the franchise: a PS4 Pro, a PlayStation VR helmet, Move controllers, a Thrustmaster T-GT steering wheel, an Apiga ASP1 Racing gaming chair, a Bravia 4K HDR TV and the video game. You want it? You are late: has already been sold.

The American portal Gamespot explains that a car collector has already acquired the only pack available, which makes the car a true rarity only suitable for the most staunch fans of Great tourism. GT Sport, exclusive to PlayStation 4, was released today.