Ni-Oh's difficulty pleases the West more than the East

850,000 players have been able to face the challenge of the new Team Ninja video game.

Ni-Oh has ended up being a very pleasant surprise for many users of Playstation 4. Thanks to the survey results published by the Team ninja We have learned that the game has had more than 850,000 downloads during its alpha a few weeks ago. Some users have undergone a survey by its creators on some of the elements of the expected video game. The results have been very surprising.

Difficulty, one of the strengths of the game, has 68% positive ratings among European users, leaving a discreet 33% among Asian users. Americans are the ones who have enjoyed the difficulty the most, giving it positive scores in 72% of the cases. In the general section, the game has liked 91% of Europeans and Americans and 59% of Asians.

Among other things, the company has detected that the durability of the weapons does not like its users, that new control is expected in the future, enlarging the size of the letters and adjusting some elements of the parameters of attack and defense of enemies. It seems that between the plans of the Team ninja there is also the inclusion of a training area in which to learn the different advanced game mechanics that it promises.

Ni-Oh will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 on a date yet to be determined by Koei Tecmo in 2016. Alejandro Pascual accepted the challenge and launched himself into the wolf's mouth to end the demanding alpha.