Demand for Xbox One X exceeds Microsoft's expectations

"We are going to make as many Xbox One X as we can.

Aaron Greenberg is one of the executives of Microsoft most prolific in terms of statements in the GamesCom 2017 and, from his mouth, some interesting words have emerged in which the North American company values ​​very positively the reception they are receiving in terms of reservations for Xbox One X.

"We'll see. We're going to make as many Xbox One Xs as we can make," Greenberg said in reference to whether they could meet all the demand. "All the clues are that it will be the flagship product this Christmas, so we are going to try to deal with demand as best we can."

The executive also assured that the response to the video console is being "overwhelming", in reference to the latest news for which the model is being exhausted in some stores Scorpio Edition.

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