Fighting EX Layer Fighting Game Beta Available December 11

It is the new video game from Arika, creators of the legendary arcade and PSX Street Fighter EX.

Akira Nishitani He is a legend in the fighting genre. He was involved in the development of videogames as Street fighter 2, X-Men Children of the Atom o beat'em ups from the category of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs or Final fight. Following his successful career in Capcom founded Arika, in which he again collaborated with the Osaka firm to take Street Fighter to the territory of the polygons with the trilogy Street fighter ex.

The EX saga brought characters like Skullomania, Garuda, Kairi or Allen Snider, who would become a cult for the Street Fighter community. They will return in a new video game, Fighting EX Layer, which will have a beta on PlayStation 4 next December 11. The long-awaited fighting video game has specified that the PlayStation Experience will not be missed, in which during the days December 9 and 10 the main productions expected for Playstation 4 in the next few months.

Nishitani himself has explained in the American PlayStation blog how the game system works. It will use elements called Gougi, which will allow users to change some elements of the protagonists to their liking, with the aim of making the abilities of each fighter unique according to the strategic interests of the user. New details of the system are expected to be finalized in the coming weeks.

Fighting Layer Ex It will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 on a date to be determined next year. Arika has used the announcement of the beta to present a new trailer.