Anthem's player base is shrinking and it's hard to find teammates

Forbes warns that there are problems in some matchmaking difficulties to find other users in certain activities.

Anthem is struggling to maintain its player base, and so says the prestigious finance magazine Forbes. They explain how much this is so, that in some activities, and within the highest difficulties, it is difficult to find companions with whom to pair up.

"The problem is that, right now, the highest difficulties in Anthem, GM2 and GM3, simply do not bring enough loot to make it worthwhile for players," they explain in the article. "This may mean that the highest difficulties leave you without a full team, and that no more people are added while you play. Right now there are consistent marchmaking problems for certain activities. "

The economic publication assures that this is due to the misguided effort of the game to distribute the rewards in an inappropriate way, which has caused many people to be focused only on the activities that are more efficient to obtain loot. "As a result, many other less interesting loot activities have pairing problems'.

The player base continues to erode The article mentions that other veteran games like The Division had similar problems at some point, but they knew how to adapt to it by betting on placing several possible matchmaking points in the missions. "There are not so many activities in the game that matchmaking should be a problem, however it ends up being because of the current design of all endgame content and the fact that the fan base continues to erode."

BioWare recognizes that Anthem is far from being a great game at the moment, although they have promised a constant effort to improve its performance and add more content that can help increase the number of simultaneous players.

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