Jupiter & Mars Underwater Adventure Coming to PS4 and PS VR in 2018

It will allow us to explore an underwater world that reflects the consequences of pollution.

Halfway between the realistic and the poetic, PlayStation Experience has left us with the announcement of Jupiter & Mars, a game that far from taking us to virgin planets, invites us to explore the seabed of the near future, which reflects the consequences pollution and environmental effects that pose a problem today.

Tigertron, the studio responsible for the title, acknowledges that the gameplay of the program has been inspired by classics such as Shadow of the Colossus. He is collaborating with developers at Tantalus and Wicked Witch to bring the game to life on PlayStation 4 and PS VR in 2018. "Although it can be played on all consoles in the PS4 family, Jupiter & Mars was intended for PlayStation VR," says the director James Mielke. “You don't need to go to an unknown planet to feel like you've been there. All you need is to dive into the water. "