Knights and Bikes adventure is successfully funded on Kickstarter

If you raise a little more money the game will be expanded with an online cooperative mode.

A few days before the closing of its crowdfunding campaign, the promising Knights and Bikes has reached the hundred thousand pounds needed to pay for its development, guaranteeing its launch on PC and PlayStation 4.

"When we presented Knights and Bikes, we had no idea of ​​the reaction it would generate," they say from the independent team of Foam Sword, which is made up of industry veterans who have worked on titles like LittleBigPlanet or Tearaway. But the response has been tremendously positive. "Everything you made us feel has been so incredibly beautiful that it has given us energy and inspiration for the project."

"Reaching the goal feels so inexplicably incredible. Not only will we make the game of our dreams thanks to all of you, but we also know that we have the most lovable group of investors to do it," they add.

The Foam Sword team still has just over 60 hours to reach various additional goals. The closest is the online cooperative, which will be available if the game raises £ 120,000. If Knights and Bikes reaches 150,000 pounds, it will also include dubbing.