Gene Rain adventure launches on Xbox One in late July

This third person action video game was recently released on PS4.

After landing on PS4 days ago, Deeli Network has announced that its third-person action adventure Gene Rain will be released on Xbox One on July 24, allowing fans of the Microsoft console to enjoy the futuristic shootings that this title proposes that puts us at the controls of the Death Squad, who must fight against an environmental catastrophe: the rain that alters the genetics of humans, and that threatens the existence of future generations.

"Gene Rain takes players into a post-apocalyptic world that has a rich story background and offers intense combat and amazing visual effects. At a deeper level," relate the authors of the video game, "Gene Rain portrays the story of a tragic hero who, despite his good intentions, chooses to sacrifice countless human lives for a better tomorrow. "

The adventure has three protagonists main: Alex, half machine half human; Li Ying, who is human, and Salman, robot. Each of them has at their disposal various weapons and special abilities with which to defeat enemies. At the time of writing, the exact day that Gene Rain will also be released on PC has yet to be determined.