The actress who voiced Ellie in the Last of Us would be delighted to return for a sequel

Ashley Johnson is torn between wanting to go back and feeling like Joel and Ellie's story is fine as it is.

The interpreter Ashley johnson, who lent her voice to the wonderful role of Ellie in The last of us, has spoken with the North American portal Gamespot about his wishes regarding the future of a possible saga around this post-apocalyptic action and adventure video game.

"I think if they have another story for Ellie and Joel or that world in general, I would be happy to get back on the boat," Johnson stated. "But, you know… There is also a part of me that thinks 'man, that story works fine as it is', and maybe we should leave it like that. If they did another one, I would like to be part of it.

The same conclusion is drawn from the hypothetical movie about the universe created by Naughty dog. "Yes, I would love to be a part of it."