The action and terror of GTFO can be seen in images and video

This cooperative video game is developed by former creatives after Payday 2.

The team of 10 Chambers Collective has presented a series of new images of its promising GTFO, a cooperative action and horror video game that is being developed by former creatives behind the popular Payday 2. The images are accompanied by a video that delves into some of the key aspects of the video game, like that setting inspired by the terrifying movie Alien, by Ridley Scott.

"The style of the scenarios is initially something that feels natural and normal, but as you progress through the game, they become more and more rare," said GTFO Creative Director Ulf Andersson. This also promises to be a tense and challenging video game that rewards the teamwork of the four players who jump into survival.

"You are almost always running out of ammo. You almost always run with low health," adds another creative. "If you want to survive, you have to use all the tools at your fingertips and instinct to detect combat situations before they occur, prepare for them, and control the action."

GTFO is scheduled to premiere in spring 2019.

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