Medieval Mordhau action triumphs on Kickstarter

In a matter of a few days, this multiplayer video game has doubled the money requested by its creators.

They only needed 24 hours to comfortably overcome their campaign on Kickstarter, but it does not end there !; Such is the passion that Mordhau has aroused, a promising first-person multiplayer action video game with a medieval setting that with 22 days to close its crowdfunding, it has raised more than $ 160,000 of the 80,000 that were initially requested.

"You did it! We financed it in less than 24 hours!", The creatives of the independent study cried excitedly Triternion. "Absolutely amazing! We are overwhelmed and incredibly excited. Thank you. We love you all!"

This multiplayer action video game, developed with the Unreal Engine 4, promises to immerse us in epic battles for up to 64 players They will be able to resort to all kinds of edged weapons such as swords, spears, axes or even sickles, as well as bows and other tools of distance combat. Mordhau presents a robust combat system that will allow us to strike thrusts in many different ways.

There will be battles on horseback, also siege of fortresses, and a lot of scenarios in which to fight without quarter. We can customize the appearance of our warrior, and also make the weapons that he will use in the fight. Although it is intended to be enjoyed entirely over the Internet, it will include options to fight without connecting to the network.

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