Kojima hopes his new game will become a series capable of expanding to other media.

He would like his universe to grow with manga, anime or figures.

We still don't know much about the new game of Hideo kojima, but the creator of Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders is clear about one thing: he hopes that his new project will become a series capable of expanding to other media outside the world of video games.

"With Sony I am working on a project that will be a new IP. Of course, I have no idea whether or not it will become a series, but I want to do something that has enough impact to become a series," says the creative nippon.

"By impact, I mean the kinds of things that are unique to a game, the characters, and the world. That impact can lead you to something other than video games, like anime, manga, figures…; something that's rich enough to to expand, "he adds.

This new project, already far from Konami's bosom, will be released on PlayStation 4 and PC.