Knack 2 promises a deeper combat system than the original

"There will be much more than just a couple of punches and a kick," says one of those responsible.

Little is known to date about Knack 2, the action adventure that Sony presented to the world during the last PlayStation Experience, but its director, Mark Cerny, he did want to make one thing clear: his combat system will be deeper and more varied than that of the original video game, which was one of the titles that accompanied PS4 at its premiere.

"The list of movements is much larger now. There are more combat options, much more than just a couple of punches and a kick," says the creative, thus giving an apparent solution to one of the most criticized aspects of the original, its limited battle system.

"Your options expand as you play, so at the end of the adventure, Knack will have a large number of combat moves. You unlock them with a coin within the game itself, and there is a skill tree with 30 moves and variants to unlock, "adds Cerny." People asked for much more variety, "he remembers when talking about the first title.

Knack 2 for PS4 is scheduled to be released throughout this year 2017.