Kingdom Hearts III to announce new character and world soon

Tetsuya Nomura, the project manager, links the news to other Disney intellectual property.

The long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III, one of the most coveted titles of all those planned for this year, drops the news about its playable proposal. This time the director Tetsuya Nomura has announced that soon there will be some more news with a couple of announcements: a new character and a new world.

It has done so in information collected by the KH Insider portal, which ensures that Nomura has explained it in the framework of the Kingdom Hearts Union χ event, in whose conference he advanced these data but without going into details beyond that both will be linked to him. Disney universe.

Of course, many ballots are set so that E3 2018 is the ideal time for all of this to be presented, and that is just a little more than a month before the start of the most important video game fair.