Kingdom Hearts 3: All Keyblades ordered from best to worst

We go through all the versions of Sora's iconic weapon in his new adventure.

After waiting many years, fans of the saga created by Disney and Square Enix can now enjoy its latest chapter: Kingdom Hearts III. But despite its cheerful characters, colorful settings, and fun mechanics, this is not an easy adventure. To help him on his way, in addition to the company of the faithful Goofy and Donald, Sora has a series of versatile versions of the Keyblade, his unmistakable weapon.

Among the different designs, we have weapons inspired by movies such as Frozen, Big Hero 6, Toy Story or Monsters S.A., up to a total of 14 Keyblades, although some of them can only be unlocked once the game is over. We review all of them, and order them from best to worst according to their benefits, their strength and magic points and the skills they can develop. We already anticipate that the first place is for Artema Weapon, and that in 3DJuegos you have a complete guide in case you want to get the best keyblade of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Find and defeat the secret boss of Kingdom Hearts 3


Weapon Artema You won't achieve this weapon until the end of the game, and you will still need some rare materials to be able to create it, but its stats are magnificent: 13 strength points and 13 magic. Simply the best.


Classic Tone You'll need to complete all 23 Classic Kingdom mini-games to get this 7 strength key and 11 magic, which means it's a must-have weapon for players who prefer to focus on their skills as a wizard.


Deputy sheriff The best weapon for the more physical focus of fights and whose upgrades can cause a powerful area attack or increase the drop rate of rare items, which is terribly useful.


Forever If you prefer the use of magic and don't want to wait to get Classic Tone, this is the Deputy Sheriff's equivalent for this approach to combat. Its healing abilities can be miraculous.


Nanoarma A very balanced weapon that also allows you to focus your attacks on an enemy, perfect for boss fights. Additionally, you can develop a skill that prevents Sora from being stunned.


Helm of destiny The pirate life is the better life, and until you get more powerful models, this weapon is the most practical. It starts with force 8 and magic 5 and its forging allows the permanent use of the Aqua spell.


The key to laughter The best memory that one can bring from Monstropolis: a sword with 7 initial points of force and whose modifications allow ranged attacks or improve the attack range to maintain distances.


Grand chef If you cook all the Twilight Town recipes, you will achieve this weapon, which although it is not the most powerful, it is the most fun to use, since it can become a huge frying pan, which dwarfs that of PUBG.


Crystal snow With his initials 4 strength and 7 magic, he protects Sora from any freezing effects. It is the last really interesting sword in the game, since its special attacks are very practical against groups of enemies.


Starlight Despite being one of the last weapons you can achieve in the game, it is not exactly the most useful. His biggest peculiarity is that his Second Form returns Sora to his Kingdom Hearts 2 appearance.


Sweet Honey Just as Winnie The Pooh would not be your first choice to accompany you in a fight, neither should this weapon. It stands out for the ability of the harvester that provides you with additional ingredients.


Shooting Star Overcoming Twilight Town rewards this weapon that starts with a Strength of 3 and a Magic of 5, and although you can improve it considerably in the forge, before you can squeeze it you will get better swords.


The origin of the hero A key clearly focused on the defense, but that does not offer all the specifications that one could wish for. It is still the first special Keyblade you achieve, so it won't take long to replace it.


Kingdom chain The first and most iconic of the Keyblades, and also, the default weapon. It has only 4 strength and 3 magic, and the only special ability serves only to attract treasures towards Sora.

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