Killing Floor 2 Expands With Two New Free Maps

Descent Content Pack also introduces two additional weapons.

If you're a fan of Killing Floor 2, you're in luck. The video game of Tripwire has received a new free content update that expands this addictive action video game with two new maps and as many additional weapons.

Known as Descent Content Pack, this DLC allows us to explore a scenario never seen before in the series, Descent, in which we will face a new sub-game mode within the Survival experience, in which players must survive the attacks of the Zeds in locations that will be selected at random.

The second map in question, Nuked, comes from the hands of the Killing Floor 2 user community. As for weapons, an old acquaintance of fans of the original, Spitfires, returns, and another totally original is added, the light machine gun. Stoner 63rd LMG.

none:  3Ds Xone Ps3