Kill Strain and its free-to-play action comes to PlayStation 4 in July

PS Plus users will be able to access the game on the 12th; the rest will be at your disposal on July 19.

If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber from July 12 you will have access to the promising action game Kill Strain, while the rest of PlayStation 4 users will have to wait until the 19th of the same month to enjoy this video game which, in any case , is published under the business model free-to-play.

Kill Strain is a PvP experience that pits three teams against each other under an ever-unique series of dynamic circumstances. Namely. There are two teams of four humans each, and a third with one or two mutants, who have the ability to turn others into mutants. With this scheme on the table, in the San Diego Studio game there are three victory conditions: all humans are infected; a base is destroyed, be it human or mutant; or directly the time of the game ends (the strain takes control).

If you are interested in trying Kill Strain before its official launch, you can register on its official website to participate in the beta. From July 29 to 3 there will be a wave of new invitations that promises to reach a large number of fans.

"We would like to thank everyone who has accompanied us throughout the development, all those who participated in discussion groups, those who played at some point during the private access or during the limited access, and those who are waiting to join us. Kill Strain is a game that strives for community and without your support and interest we would not be where we are right now, "they say from San Diego Studio.