Kickstarter for All Walls Must Fall: Tactical, Isometric and Futuristic Stealth

Set in Berlin in 2089, it promises to pick up the baton of classics like XCOM or Syndicate.

If you're nostalgic for ancient isometric adventures, take note of All Walls Must Fall. It is a video game developed by Inbetween Games, a German team made up of veterans of Spec Ops: The Line and the now-defunct Dead Island 2, who have in fact chosen to set this installment in a futuristic Berlin from the year 2089.

The title, which presents a formidable appearance in terms of its aesthetic identity, offers action and adventure with a tactical profile and with a strong emphasis on stealth in an always appreciated isometric perspective that pairs it with classic releases such as XCOM or Syndicate, but for which those responsible also recognize references such as The Banner Saga, Braid or Crypt of the Necrodancer.

Its managers are looking for 15,000 euros to carry out the proposal through Kickstarter, and they promise an Alpha for PC, Mac and Linux in May 2017 if everything goes well and the objectives are achieved. We will have to follow him closely.

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