Kefka will also fight in the new Final Fantasy Dissidia

One of the favorite villains of fans of the Square Enix franchise will not miss the party.

The new Dissidia may be one of the video games in the franchise Final fantasy most anticipated by players around the world. It will take the battles offered on PSP to a new dimension thanks to the Japanese arcades and a version of the title in Playstation 4 which is expected to materialize in the coming months. Square Enix has announced Kefka, one of the enemies most remembered by the thousands of fans of Final Fantasy VI.

As you might expect, Kefka won't spare one of the evil virtues that made him famous in the sixth part of the franchise. Its launch in recreational will take place At the end of june, although it is expected that the roster of protagonists will increase in the coming months. Among the most exotic protagonists is Ramza, from Final fantasy tactics, a cult installment of PSX and PSP.