Kazunori Yamauchi still thinks often of Tourist Trophy

Famed creative Kazunori Yamauchi also explains his immediate plans for GT Sport.

Within the framework of the event Taipei Game Show 2018, collected by the Japanese website Game Watch, the prestigious Japanese creative Kazunori yamauchi He has talked about what the boys of Polyphony Digital right now.

As we told you yesterday, the person in charge of the Gran Turismo saga, as soon as they finished the development of GT Sport they began to work on their next project: a new GT, which would be Gran Turismo 7.

However, the study also does not forget other franchises that have characterized them in the past. "I often think of Tourist Trophy," Yamauchi acknowledges of this motorcycle title released in 2006. "But I don't know if motorcycles should appear in a GT series game."

Yamauchi, likewise, also gave some details about the support that Gran Turismo Sport itself will receive. He clarified that, although the PS4 game only came with support for PlayStation VR for the individual part, with future updates it will be expanded to time trials but not to multiplayer ... At least "for now".