Jihad, the Arab PlayStation 4 user who has been left without an account by name

Sony has ended up giving it back at the cost of changing the nickname, but without friends or trophies.

Jihad Al-Mofadda is a user of PlayStation Network from Saudi Arabia, 26 years old, enjoying her online connection in PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 since 2010. His nickname iJihaD, and even if it is his real name, when reported by offensive name, Sony has not hesitated to ban his account and with it access to all his games, friends and trophies. Al-Mofadda did not hesitate to go to Reddit to explain his story and that many media around the world ended up making it viral and helping to reach a happy ending.

Before that, Sony communicated the decision with a delirious and incomplete message in which it was said that "the reason for the permanent ban is [REASON FOR THE BANNING]", without even offering any explanation and with a very bad taste finish considering the amount of video games and items hosted on your account. Al-Mofadda regrets that the negative connotations of the word Jihad ended up costing him the bill, but remembers that it is a polysemic word and that his parents chose it for "fighting and striving to do something noble and valuable."

It turns out that Sony in the end has been the one that has offered Al-Mofadda a change of nickname to be able to re-enter the PlayStation Network. The fact is that this option does not exist for any other player on the platform, and that it is one of the things most demanded by users for a good handful of years. After reactivating his account he has realized that not all his games work and that the trophies and friends have been lost along the way with no option to recover them because of Sony's own online system.

Al-Mofadda has been very happy for the support received by all users and all the media involved, but he deeply regrets having gone to such an unpleasant point to defend what is, after all, his real name.