Jak 2, Jak 3, and Jak X Combat Racing hit PS4 December 6

These PS2 classics can be purchased separately or in a special pack.

They have taken longer than expected but, finally, PS4 players will be able to enjoy on their console the entire collection of the remembered action and platform adventures Jak & Daxter starting next December 6 through the PS2 Classics program, that is, it is not about remastering or remakes; games are adapted to the new platform with minimal adjustments.

For some time the classic Jak and Daxter: Legacy of the Forerunners It was available on the Sony console, but fans of this series created by Naughty Dog will soon be able to get hold of the adventures Jak II and Jak 3, as well as the racing game Jak X Combat Racing.

The games can be purchased individually or opt for a compilation pack that gives access to all of them. In addition, the followers of the brand can also get the Legacy Dashboard Theme from PlayStation Store.