Insomniac Games boasts Spider-Man: "2018 is going to be incredible"

All study workers have access to the latest iteration of the program.

As usual during the development of a large video game, the entire Insomniac Games team have been testing their imminent Spider-Man game for PlayStation 4 for a couple of days, so that all workers have access to the latest updated version of the title and they draw their own impressions of the development. Despite the fact that the study has not shared new material from the program, some of its managers have commented on Twitter about hopeful conclusions from their test sessions.

"I spent some time playing Spider-Man on PS4 this afternoon," says Marvel producer Eric Monacelli. “I can't wait to officially get back to work on this. Insomniac Games is hitting it. 2018 is going to be amazing”. Screenwriter Jon Paquette comments on how great it is "to walk around the studio and see everyone playing." For the rest of the public, the Spider-Man PS4 release date is a mystery, although it is expected to be revealed at the next major trade shows.

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