Injection 23, a new horror game that brings fear to a town in Malaga!

Exclusive to PS4 with Andalusian flavor. Developed by Abramelin Games in the PS Talents program.

Sony has confirmed release date and price for Injection 23, a new video game developed in the program PlayStation Talents created in Spain. Its authors are Abramelin Games, who have taken a small town in Malaga as the main setting for their survival horror.

None of the key elements of the genre will be missing, highlighting the puzzles, mysteries and exploration, which will help the protagonist advance through the tangled maze of his paranoid mind. Its developers have taken advantage of the announcement to present the title with a new trailer.

When is Injection 23 coming out? We will have to wait until may 23 to enjoy the title on PS4. It can be purchased in digital format from the PlayStation Store for 9.99 euros.

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