Indivisible, the newest from the creators of SkullGirls, is coming to Switch

It will mix roll and beautiful two-dimensional graphics. It will also reach PS4, One and PC.

Ajna is the protagonist of a new role-playing game with clear influences from Tri-ace and its Valkyrie Profile: Indivisible. After the video game distributed by 505 Games this Lab Zero, who revolutionized two-dimensional fighting games with Skullgirls, a great title that pleased the most demanding players of the genre. After a few months without news, the publisher has just confirmed the premiere of Indivisible on Nintendo Switch, accompanying the launch of the software on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The CEO of the team, Peter bartholow, has commented through a press release that "since Nintendo announced Switch, fans of Lab Zero have been ordering the game for this platform. Platform games such as RPGs are good for both home and portable, fitting Indivisible perfectly with this new platform. So betting on Swich was an easy decision. "His arrival on the shelves is scheduled for next year 2018, but a more certain date has not yet been specified.

Bartholow He explained that "the game has been in development for more than a year, and we are happy to share the progress with the people who support us. We could not make the game without them, and it is important that they are involved and that we listen to their opinions to make a game. best".