id Software: the stream is here to stay

Tim Willits sees such technology as an opportunity for expansion, not a threat.

As part of the interview he gave us a few days ago, we asked Tim Willits, manager of id Software if he considers the streaming the future of video games. Willits called such technology an opportunity rather than a threat and was enthusiastic about what connectivity has in store for him.

"Streaming is an exciting technology that opens up opportunities for more people to play more games and in a very convenient way," explained the id Software veteran. "It constitutes an expansion of opportunity rather than an absolute conquest.Streaming brings cutting-edge games to gamers who don't have computers or home consoles. The stream is here to stay definitely and I can't wait to see how it turns out, especially as broadband connections continue to expand. "

The foregoing with regard to the appearance of services such as PS Now, Stadia and Project xCloud, which aim to redefine the video game industry over the next few years. The problems with such technology continue to be latency and, of course, the penetration of high-speed internet worldwide.

At another point, Willits also explained that RAGE 2, the game that id Software is about to release, would have been a bit different had it been designed with stream in mind. RAGE 2 debuts May 14 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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