Horizon Zero Dawn is updated and adds greater difficulty and New Game +

The update is now available. It has also added new trophies and unlockables.

Warfare, creators of Killzone or the recent Horizon: Zero Dawn, have presented and launched patch 1.30 of his most recent video game, which includes, as stated on his website, "additional solutions for the progress problems that some players have had." Fixes aside, the new patch adds the expected mode New Game +, in which you can play Aloy's adventure without losing the progress and inventory achieved in the original adventure.

This mode, as in so many other video games that add this mode, will allow us to access new challenges and experience points, although Aloy will not be able to climb beyond level 50. The Ultra Hard difficulty and new weapons and costumes have also been added to Horizon: Zero Dawn, which will take the adventure to a new level of difficulty in which you can access new trophies and unlockable items. Title is available since last march.

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