Horizon: Zero Dawn extols the value of its plot

The Guerrilla team assures that fans will be "really surprised."

There will be plenty of action in Horizon: Zero Dawn, new from the creators of Killzone for PlaySation 4, but the team at Warfare also works hard to shape an attractive post-apocalyptic universe built on a really compelling story.

"For those addicted to history, who like to collect audio and text files, and want a great narrative for their games, I think they are really going to be surprised and happy with what we are preparing," said the head of screenwriters, John Gonzalez.

This is something that the director of Horizon: Zero Dawn, Mathijs de Jonge, already anticipated during the past E3. "She is very curious and decides; she wants to explore the world, she wants to solve all those mysteries. And we hope that the players have the same feelings; that they want to know what is out there, that they want to discover these new machines, that they want to meet new ones. tribes. "

Asked by the RPG elements which will also present the game, the director of Horizon has made it clear that they did not want to delve too deeply into them. "We wanted to avoid complicated menus entirely. We also didn't want to go too deep into the RPG aspects we were developing," he says. "We wanted a certain level of accessibility and that it was understandable for the players."

"In this case, we did not want to be too hard on the statistics, so at a certain point we decided to cut them and we agreed that we would not go further," he concludes, "it would confuse the players."