Horizon: Zero Dawn, how Guerrilla creates its amazing mechanical beasts

The artists of the Dutch team talk about the development process of the enemies of the PS4 game.

Sony has featured a new batch of spectacular Horizon: Zero Dawn footage and a development diary starring artists from Warfare, explaining and showing how the robotic threats that Aloy, its protagonist, will have to face, have been created in what is one of the most desired releases in the catalog of Playstation 4 nowadays.

The art director, Jan-Bart Van Beek he confirms in the video that “we wanted the threats to be big, mind-boggling and numerous, but we didn't know what they would look like. We tried more traditional insects and robots, but the majesty of nature together with these prehistoric-looking creatures created a unique environment and style. " He also explained about one of Aloy's abilities, intuition, which will allow her to know the attack pattern of the enemies after an analysis of the threats in view on the stage.

After the delay of a few months, Horizon: Zero Dawn faced its launch exclusively for Playstation 4 the next March 1, 2017. The software starred in one of the controversies of the PlayStation Meeting [(b] of September after presenting its version for [b] PlayStation 4 Pro; the managing director of Guerrilla, Hermen hulst, confirmed to 3DJuegos that new details will be offered in the future about the technical elements of the game and its supposed compatibility with 4K resolution.