Hideo Kojima: "We no longer have to worry about pleasing investors"

The Japanese developer throws a dart at Konami: "Now I have more freedom."

Hideo kojima

Hideo kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid and director of the long-awaited Death Stranding, has spoken with BBC Radio about the differences between the Hideo kojima of 2017 and 2015, including, also, his new work environment away from a large company such as Konami. He has summed it up easily: "Now I have more freedom: the final decision is up to me."

The Japanese, in a different tone from that usually shown before the media, did not want to keep the dart he had for the company he has worked for in recent decades: "We are not a company that is on the stock market, so we are not We must worry about satisfying investors: we just have to focus on making good video games'.

The artist's traumatic departure from Konami still queue: Guillermo del ToroA close friend of the Japanese and collaborator in the canceled Silent Hills, he also did not hesitate to send a Christmas postcard to the Japanese company from his personal Twitter account a few weeks ago. After his departure, Kojima has not hesitated to sign some of his former collaborators.

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