Get Arma Artema, the best Keyblade of Kingdom Hearts 3

A guide with the location of the Orichalcum + and materials to get the ultimate weapon of the video game.

One of the pending activities to do once Kingdom Hearts 3 is complete is undoubtedly to unlock Artema Weapon, the best keyblade in the entire game (and one that you will know well if you have played previous installments of the Kingdom Hearts saga). Of course, as you can imagine, it is not easy to achieve. In 3DJuegos, at least we give you a cable with this guide to unlock Artema Weapon in Kingdom Hearts III.

Let's do it! To create Artema Weapon, the first thing you have to do is get the recipe. How do you get it? It will take a while, but it is actually very easy: you only have to accumulate 58 goldsmith materials. From the goldsmith menu in the moguri stores you can get more information about it. Do you have the recipe? Well now we have to get hold of the materials you need to make your great key.

How to unlock the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 3

  • Orichalcum + (7)
  • Power Crystal (2)
  • Clear glass (2)
  • Force Crystal (2)

Get all the materials

Crystals are relatively easy to come by by visiting battle portals or by synthesis, but Orichalcum + minerals are more troublesome. They have seven fixed locations, so think of them more as collectibles. Below we share a video with the location of each of them.

Power crystalBattle Portal 12 in the northern district of San Fransokio
Crystal clearSynthesize 1 Power Crystal, 2 Clear Gems, 3 Clear Rocks, and 5 Clear Pebbles
Force CrystalSynthesize one Power Crystal, two Strength Gems, three Strength Stones, and five Strength Shards

All Orichalcum Minerals +

  1. Take a photo of at least 80 Fortune Bearers
  2. Send postcards to the Twilight Village mailbox (save the game first, because it's not safe to get it)
  3. In the Necropolis of the Keyblades, taking a portal that appears on your second visit and opening the chest on the other side
  4. Complete the mini-games of the seven fantastic flans and get the best reward (maximum score) in each of them
  5. Collect all the treasures in the alpine slide minigame in Arendelle (Frozen)
  6. Defeat Omega in the Eclipse galaxy using the Gumi ship
  7. On Exile Island, completing a Pirates of the Caribbean World Treasure Map