There are about 130 people working on Days Gone currently

The type of project forced Bend Studio to nearly triple the initial staff.

In a video interview with Game Informer, Bend Studio has revealed the human cost of encompassing a project as large as Days Gone. Not surprisingly, one of the main great PS4 exclusives has been in development for six years and it has been through more than 250 people, counting Bend Studio workers and outside help alike.

Looking back, this is all a new adventure when it comes to making Days Gone. As explained in the interview, the first Siphon Filter it required recruiting a team of 30 people in one year. It took 50 workers to create Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and they originally estimated that they needed no more than fifty people to shape Days Gone. An error that forced them to continue hiring until they reached the 130 talents who work today in Deacon's odyssey.

The video also talks about how the inspiration for series like Sons of Anarchy was born or the intention to make a realistic world, so it will most likely be an interesting time for any fan of the game. Days Gone is coming to Sony's desktop in 2019, we look forward to seeing more of the game this E3.

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