There are few cosplays as mind-blowing as this Valkyrie from God of War

A hobbyist manages to capture every detail of the magnificent Sony Santa Monica design.

One of the biggest challenges Kratos faces in the new God of War is defeating all the Valkyries. It is a powerful group of enemies that not only stands out for its difficulty, but also for its magnificent design. An amateur wanted to do with a awesome cosplay his own tribute to these female entities charged with collecting the souls of the great Norse heroes who fell in combat.

The work of raahega_cosplay stands out for its enormous attention to detail and for having captured the spectacular presence of these demanding rivals from the Sony Santa Monica game replicating even the great span of the wings of the character.

God of War and its characters have managed to conquer the attention of these skilled fans, including some of the most famous cosplayers in the world, such as Maul who became Kratos after being one of the faces of Geralt De Rivia best known to fans. In the real world.

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