Is there an Elite version of the PlayStation 4 controller out there?

The Target store presents images of this DualShock 4 Elite Controller that everything indicates that it would not be official but from third parties.

With rumors about hardware you have to be very careful, but when they offer so much information and images as apparently true as those in this case, it is very difficult not to pay them some attention. Although, as always, qualifying everything since, as in this case, they could be far from real and the absence of any type of logo of Sony It would indicate that it is an unofficial version of a third-party brand.

On this occasion, it was the Target online store that published a series of images and characteristics about a model Elite Controller of command DualShock 4 for PlayStation 4.

With features such as Bluetooth control, compatibility with the accessories of the Xbox One Elite model, full customization of buttons and triggers and many others that you can consult by following this link, at the moment the command can be reserved for 75.80 euros, which reinforces the thought that it is not official, although it does not appear with a final release date.