Hardware: Rivals releases new content with its latest update

The PS4 action game introduces weapon packs and prepares the entry of two new vehicles.

The latest Hardware: Rivals update not only improves various aspects of this multiplayer action game on PlayStation 4, but also introduces new content in the form of weapon packs and two additional cars.

"You'll find weapon packs, vehicles are faster, and there are tons of new add-ons to unlock and try out over the next few days and weeks," report those responsible for the game."We've also added new control options to help players get the hang of driving."

As for the new vehicles, they are the Scarab FAV and the tank Barbarian, arriving "very soon" with tons of new looks and add-ons to customize your appearance. Update 1.07 introduces other improvements that you can check out in the official Hardware: Rivals forums.

On the other hand, the development team has advanced some of the news that will soon arrive in the game. These include the presence of a server with "new free content" that will include [b] seasons of qualifying games [7b], with exclusive content and designs to win; as well as new special events.

Currently Hardware: Rivals is one of the games that is offered free of charge to users subscribed to PlayStation Plus.