Halo Infinite, Fable, Everwild, State of Decay 3 and many more. What did you think of the Xbox Games Showcase?

The great Xbox digital event generated conflicting opinions and at 3DJuegos we want to know yours.

Long-awaited video games such as the new Fable were released, the first Halo Infinite video gameplay was shown, and there were even surprises such as the announcement of State of Decay 3. On Xbox they wanted to show the powerful catalog of exclusive games in which some of the main internal teams of the company work, and in that sense, as we told you in our chronicle of the Xbox Games Showcase, there were many and very varied announcements. However, and despite the promising catalog that is emerging for Xbox Series X and PC, Microsoft's digital event left players with mixed feelings.

The return of Fable was one of the prominent announcements of the Xbox Games Show There was criticism of Halo Infinite's graphics and also of the lack of gameplay videos that showed the technical potential of next-gen games. This situation led some Xbox executives to remember that Halo Infinite is still in development, emphasizing that the graphics will improve during the months that remain until its final version is released. Refering to feeling of disappointment that spread among some fans of the brand, Microsoft has also ensured that on Xbox they have more bullets in the chamber.

The truth is that there were very interesting announcements, such as the optimized versions of Xbox One exclusives in Series X, the new RPG from the authors of Pillars of Eternity, or the video with gameplay of the horror adventure The Medium, one of the games most promising of the console catalog. What caused so much criticism of the event? Why didn't Microsoft get the unanimity of the fans?

As we have done on other occasions, in 3D Games We want to hear your opinion about it, so today we ask you about your feelings after the Xbox Games Showcase. What did you think of the event? Were you satisfied? Did you expect more? Was it a disappointment? In addition to participating in the survey, feel free to share your feelings in the comments.