There will be a new beta of Hitman on PlayStation 4

It will be exclusive to PS Plus users and will begin on March 4.

If you wanted to enjoy the Hitman beta weeks ago, don't worry, because on March 4 a new trial period starts on PlayStation 4 that, yes, will be exclusive to PS Plus users.

It seems that this beta will show the same content as the previous one, that is, the prologue of the new action adventure and infiltration of Agent 47. It is not clear if it will also be available on PC.

From the game itself, the team IO Interactive has highlighted several of the most interesting novelties that this new Hitman will present, which will have several game modes such as Contracts, heir to the previous Hitman: Absolution, or the promising Sneaky Targets, which in the words of those responsible is "the closest thing to the Hitman fantasy we have ever created. You will only have the opportunity to kill them for a limited period of time in real time."

"We've also added the Escalation mode, which focuses more on exploiting game mechanics than realism. Each escalation contract will escalate in difficulty as new elements are added, such as having to remove camera footage from security in less than 2 minutes after they are recorded, only that the cameras or other elements such as explosives activated by laser sensors will have moved. The grace is, "they comment," in having a good time, since you never know where you can get things out of hand with this mode. "

Hitman will be released on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on March 11.