Has GearBox hidden the Borderlands 3 release date in the trailer?

Fans continue to comb the video game video for secrets and hidden winks.

A piece of news between the curiosity and the information. Fans, fully aware that the Borderlands 3 trailer is full of information about the game (and that much of it is not seen with the naked eye), believe they have found the possible release date of this hidden in its guts.

Specifically, it is a series of numbers that appear in the minutes 1:39, 1:40 Y 1:52 from the Borderlands 3 announcement trailer that was released a few days ago and is being scrutinized to the fullest by fans. In these frames you can see a series of figures that appear very prominent and that respond to the number 10 and to 01, that is to say according to the North American calendar on October 1.

It would be a rather strange theory if it were not for the fact that this figure coincides with several aspects that give it a certain veneer of verisimilitude. On the one hand, that this figure is a Tuesday, a day that is usually chosen by publishers to launch the highest-level video games and, on the other, that it would also coincide with the month in which the original Borderlands and its sequel were released and By the way, the entire 10-year life of the saga would be celebrated.

The video is packed with information and, in fact, in 3D Games We have recently told you all the details of the Borderlands 3 video that you should not miss to be aware of the GearBox shooter and all its secrets.

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