Gundam Versus closes its release date

The title "for fans Mobile Suits" will arrive on September 29 to PS4.

Bandai namco announced this afternoon the release date of its long-awaited Gundam Versus, a title that will be released in PS4 on September 29 of this year.

The editor reminds us of some of the characteristics of this work destined to "offer a new challenge to overcome to Mobile Suits fans" in a game that will include individual mode, multiplayer and a free mode:

  • Single mode: A fight against the CPU where you can configure your Mobile Suit, team information, background music and much more.
  • Trial Battle: Take on the challenge of up to ten missions and face gigantic bosses in original story settings.
  • Ultimate Battle - Fight for survival against waves of CPU controlled opponents; also available in multiplayer mode.
  • Multiplayer mode: Invite your friends to join the battle.
    • 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3: Increase the number of opponents and allies and fight against or with them.
    • Extra battle: Activate this mode in which you must destroy a specific number of units by joining up to six players online.
    • Custom rooms: Create your own rules and personalize your online experience.
    • Matchmaking and Ranked Battles: Fight against another player of your same level.