Far Cry 5 Guide - Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Complete Far Cry 5 100% - Find all collectibles, missions and allies.

Whether you have just started your adventure in Hope County or if you have been confronting the Seed family and their little saints for weeks, at 3D Games we offer you a complete guide with all the missions, secrets and collectibles and tricks of Far Cry 5 for you to consult. at any moment what are you missing and - with a bit of luck - how exactly to get it.

Do not forget that you are facing an FC5 guide that is constantly updated, so that in the future you could find new information about weapons, collectibles and content that is discovered or introduced later.

Tips to get off to a good start

As often happens in these types of games, Far Cry 5 has a strong component of freedom that is a double-edged sword: practically since you finish the tutorial you have access to the entire map, which can get you into more than one quagmire if you don't you are properly prepared. At 3DJuegos we have prepared a Far Cry 5 guide with the first steps of your adventure, but we recommend that you also take into account the keys described below.

  1. Pay attention to the challenges tab, as they are keys to progress in the skill tree. They will invite you to play with all kinds of weapons and tools, and although it is likely that you complete them without realizing it, taking a look from time to time and finishing the ones you have started does not hurt.
  2. Open the Map often, as many characters make direct references to locations that have no loss and it will be useful to equip you with the treasures of preparers or finish side missions.
  3. Use them binoculars and the stones assigned to the crosshead. Stealth may not always be the best option, but if a cult position gets stuck, maybe the best thing you can do is study the terrain better and clean the area little by little. You will be able to identify enemies and alarms and send your allies for the objectives that you consider appropriate.
  4. Don't forget that the radial menu It is not only there to change weapons, but also to change the type of ammunition, create new explosives or even potions that temporarily improve your statistics.

Far Cry 5 Main Modes Complete the campaign and dive into Far Cry Arcade.

There is no doubt: the campaign is the highlight of Far Cry 5, and even more so now that it can be played in cooperative mode. As you may well know, after completing the tutorial - if you haven't done the secret ending - we will dedicate our efforts to undermine the power that the Gate of Eden wields over Hope County.

Now, the leader of the sect Joseph Seed has at his command three lieutenants of his family, and each of them controls a portion of the map: the region of Jacob, to the north; the John region, to the southwest; and the Faith region to the southeast. Your objective is to exploit the resistance of the inhabitants of each area to reduce the control of the cultists and progress in each branch of history until you destroy their leaders. Once you cross all three names on the list, you can meet Joseph Seed face to face.

To raise the resistance bar of a region there is no trick, you will have to make progress against the sect in that place. Things like completing main missions, freeing up cult outposts, rescuing civilians, or destroying cult supply vehicles reward you with resistance points to increase that resistance bar. Therefore, these activities are mandatory to progress in the campaign.

Now, you will not be alone in this. As you progress, that resistance we talked about will join you and you can ask allies for help that you recruit along the way. There are two types: fighters and specialists. The former are very frequent and you will find them in practically any position you liberate or even randomly on the road, but the specialists are unique and you will have to unlock them through certain missions that we will indicate later.

Frequent questions

  • How do I play Far Cry 5 with a friend?
    Invite them from the main menu, pressing the button equivalent to "select" on your remote.
  • How do I improve my character?
    You can't do things like level up in the campaign, but you can acquire new abilities that increase your health, weapon and ammo capacity, or even unlock special outfits and accessories. All of these skills are purchased with skill points, which are earned by unlocking challenges (see all of them from the pause menu) and reading collectible magazines.
  • How do I get new weapons? Which are the best?
    Most of them are obtained by purchasing them in the shop, while others are rewards from special missions or events (such as the Magnopulsor or the Vector 45 SMG). All of these methods, as well as our favorites, are outlined in our top 7 Far Cry 5 weapons.

All Far Cry 5 endings

It's no surprise that the Far Cry series has been betting for years on the divided outcomes of its campaigns, and the case of Far Cry 5 is no different. Although we are not facing a story where decision-making is particularly frequent or decisive, the truth is that we count up three possible outcomes for Joseph Seed and the Gate of Eden.

As you can expect, two of them take place right at the end of the campaign and are the now traditional "bad" and "true" endings, but there is also a secret ending that allows us to finish Far Cry 5 in less than 10 minutes. We don't want to ruin anyone's script, so whether you want to choose an ending beforehand or if you're looking for the one you're missing, we invite you to consult the FC5 endgame guide.

Prologue missions

Mission (reward)
  • The court order
  • Without escape
  • A ray of hope
  • The resistance
  • N / A
  • N / A
high schools
  • N / A
  • N / A

Missions of the region of Jacob

Mission (reward)
  • The world is weak
  • We must be strong
  • Sacrifice the weak
  • Only you
  • Victims of war
  • Elk Jaw Cabin
  • ROJITA radar station
  • Whitetail Park Forest Center
  • F.A.N.G. Center
  • The Prodigal Son (Hurk Drubman Jr)
  • Right to bear arms (Cheeseburger)
  • A dish served cold (Jess Black)
high schools
  • Armed Convoy of the Mountain
  • Wheaty DJ
  • The Grand Slam
  • Tools
  • Rockrose and fishing line
  • The Admiral
  • Like new
  • The call of the wild
  • Radio silence
  • Notice of eviction
  • Preparations
  • Let's make Hope great again
  • Time to dinner
  • Libera Baron Sawmill

John's region missions

Mission (reward)
  • Purification
  • The confession
  • The atonement
  • Dementia
  • John's Estate
  • Kellet Cattle Co.
  • Sunrise Farm
  • Green-Busch Fertilizer Co.
  • Copperhead Shunting Beach
  • Gardenview Packaging Center
  • US Auto
  • Grace in danger (Grace Armstrong)
  • Support Pilot (Nick Rye)
  • Man's Best Friend (Boomer)
high schools
  • You have fire?
  • Nostalgia for the golden age
  • Free Larry
  • The hero's journey
  • Close encounters
  • From another world
  • Fry them
  • Widower
  • Suicidal tendency
  • The developer
  • Cannon fodder
  • You have to blow up that mine
  • Release Fall's End

Faith region missions

Mission (reward)
  • A leap of faith
  • Joy
  • Blessed ignorance
  • The lesson
  • Lost paradise
  • Follow the path
  • Drubman Marina
  • Convent of Eden
  • Hotel King's Hot Springs
  • Whistling Beaver Distillery
  • Jessop greenhouse
  • Nolan's Fly Shop
  • Lorna Truck Stop
  • Sacred Skies Camp
  • Come on, pretty kitty (Peaches)
  • Friendly Skies (Adelaide Drubman)
  • Burn, little ones! (Sharky Boshaw)
high schools
  • A river of whiskey
  • Armed Convor of the River
  • Silence, it rolls
  • False idols
  • False prophet
  • Water law
  • The sins of the father
  • Doctor's orders
  • Ecological warriors
  • Release Hope County Jail

Secrets, Collectibles, and Extras Don't miss out on anything.

Most of Far Cry 5's featured unlockables are earned by completing the main and sub-missions described above: Special Weapons, Specialists and Fighters, and even certain vehicles. But there are also collectibles related to side missions and that could give you a headache or two if you don't know where to look.

We refer to objects such as baseball cards or Cheeseburger bobbleheads, which are part of side missions. The solution to these problems, in case you didn't already know, is not a trick, it is as simple as going to any store and buy a map with your location from the object menu.