Dragon Quest XI guide with 11 keys to successfully embark on your adventure

A guide with all the keys to succeed from the beginning to the end of DQXI.

Let's see, adventurer's manual, page 1 ... "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this with you." What follows is neither more nor less than one guide to start your journey in Dragon Quest XI in the best possible way: with tips for progression and inventory management. Useful for the first few hours, don't you think? Luckily, our colleague Jesús Bella has had the opportunity to face the dangers of this J-RPG to help us with his investigations.

If you still have doubts about whether to get hold of the game, or you have already spent some time on it and want to contrast opinions with other foreros, we recommend that you take a look at the Dragon Quest XI analysis. You won't find help there, sure, but at least you will have an idea of ​​what to expect later.

The 11 maxims of the adventurer Take note, don't forget them!

1. Claim the DLCs at the beginning Sometimes even the silliest DLCs require some explanation. For example, I've been playing the new expansion for a game I like for most of the week, and it turns out that they don't give you the incentives until the end of the campaign! And that they were cosmetics! Luckily, in Dragon Quest the process is much simpler, and they can also help you in your adventure from the first moment.

If you have any DLC purchased as a pre-order incentive or special edition Dragon Quest XI, you can redeem it simply from the system settings menu and clicking "claim special rewards". You can get hold of skill seeds to start upgrading your character from scratch, or equip yourself a healer that restores 3 HP each turn. It won't do you much good in the future, but it's a great way to ensure that you don't get bogged down while getting familiar with the game world in the early hours. The same goes for the supplicant amulet, if you prefer to grow in magical doctrines.

2. Read the instructions, they are for something

Do you remember that time when every game came with manual? Nowadays that is ancient history, but the JRPG have a habit of maintaining that practice, even if it is within the game itself. This is no less true with DQ XI, and it will surely come in handy to read at least part of the instructions as soon as you start your adventure.

Why? Well, nothing that you have played an RPG in your life will you know how to move and interact with other characters from the beginning. But the manual also explains things that are important, such as the usefulness of each stat on the character sheet or how you can configure the movement of your allies during combat. Did you know that you can put the game in first person? Or that there is a button to walk automatically? All these things and more are collected directly from the menu. Spend a few minutes reading the manual at first, and you may appreciate it later.

3. Equip yourself well at the beginning

As in all RPGs, you will start your game in Dragon Quest with very poor equipment, and you will get better weapons and armor as you progress. In DQ XI, you can get your first shield directly in the tutorial, exploring Mount Peñalabria. It is located behind the altar just when you come across the first group of slimes.

Logically, the shield serves to reduce the damage received. Who would say, right? The point is, as with all weapons, armor, and outfits, you must equip it to take it into combat. What's more, you can change your outfits directly within the game. The shield you just got (a pot lid, rather) may come in handy at first, but you'll soon have to defend yourself against creatures that deal magic damage. And you may be interested in changing equipment when you face them. Know what you carry in the bag at all times, and have a certain dynamism to change your pieces. Just keep it in mind for the future.

4. Keep your progress safe If you have played a game in the Dragon Quest series in the past, you will know very well that the game is saved from the churches. In the eleventh numbered installment there is also an automatic save system, but generally you will want to keep confessing regularly so you don't waste huge amounts of time if you just leave without saving. In a game where you must accumulate loads of experience, consumables and materials, it is nothing short of mandatory.

If you do not want to have unforeseen events in the adventure, save your game regularly. You have a total of 9 save slots, so manage them well. Remember that you are facing a very traditional RPG, with which you are penalized for losing your life: you lose part of the money you have made up to that moment. Advice! It is also important to put the money in the bank, to avoid major scares. Lastly, make your team as balanced as possible - that will also prevent you from seeing the game over screen prematurely.

5. Combat tactics

In any turn-based role-playing game, skill is worth more than strength. There are many ways to win, and one of the most important strategic components is predictability and overprediction. If you are like me and you like to keep your things organized, in Dragon Quest you can easily adapt to combat if you configure the tactics.

Let's say you are facing a boss who does nothing but kill you until you understand that you must level up before trying again. Surely you are facing very simple creatures to accumulate experience points, and you find it boring to press A or X over and over again. You can simply assign a common behavior to the AI ​​to attack with everything for a while, and you will save time and unnecessary clicks. But surely you want to go back to manually select each movement When you're back with that tough boss The lesson was already given to us by the great Bruce Lee, "be like water, my friend."

6. Role-playing logic There are enemies who have a tendency to focus their attacks on the healing characters on our team. Don't let them finish them off. Keeping them alive is vital to progress in the adventure. How to do it? The most recommended option is to equip them as best as possible, betting on defensive weapons that increase their protection attributes. If you do this, you will be getting them to last longer in battle and, at the same time, they can heal other allies.

As you put in hours and learn to play, you will learn to distribute damage better. That is something that you will already know well if you have played Final Fantasy or previous installments of DQ. For example, at first you will want to destroy groups of monsters one at a time, but in the future you may prefer to let one character absorb more damage if that means you can save another to heal the first. The moral, not a trick, is that doing damage is fine, but inevitably you must have the resources to heal yourself and spread the damage among your team. Don't just rely on specific objects or roles. If one thing is certain, it is that you will take a lot of hits turn after turn. You just have to learn to assign a specific role to each character to increase their efficiency.

7. To discover, you must first explore

The world of Dragon Quest XI hides more secrets than you might first think. That is why we recommend getting lost on the stage, because it is very likely to find treasures and other secrets. Arriving in cities is a good time to visit houses and borrow hidden objects in vases or cabinets. Even consulting books can lead you to complete the odd side quest. Don't be shy about talking to the NPCs either, because more than one has some quest of interest.

And man does not only live in secondary schools: there are also collectibles like medals that you can exchange for prizes, or cookbooks (11 in total) with schematics to create objects that you need on the go. Leave no stone unturned, there are plenty of stage elements to interact with, and you will find items in many of them.

Really, Dragon Quest XI is a video game that proposes challenges that can be overcome without the need for advice. It is a very bearable title. However, if you ever find yourself lost, our advice is to go to the pink dot indicated on the map, which indicates the next step to take. If you still do not clarify, another option is to talk with the members of your group, an option that you can access from the video game command menu. But what I said… it's hard to get stuck.

8. Silver and Red Doors Every now and then, you will find some inaccessible parts on your adventure and no clue about how to open them. Don't worry too much - you have no way of seeing what's behind it until about halfway through the story.

Eventually, you will be given a magic key that can be used to open the red doors, and then a master key that is used on the silver doors. Just play until the time comes, they are not hidden in any particular chest or side quest.

9. Level up

Do you want to level up quickly? More than a trick of Dragon Quest XI, you should know that there are certain areas of the game where you can find metallic slimes, somewhat slippery enemies (they repel attacks quite well), but that if they are defeated they reward us with a number of points of experience. When you detect that an area of ​​the map has these slimes, do not hesitate to practice more combats than usual, since leveling up comes in handy so as not to be fair during the adventure. Keep that in mind. Dragon Quest XI is a game in which you must always stay ahead of the challenges you encounter.

10. The Fantastic Forge The Fantastic Forge is one of the biggest additions you'll find in Dragon Quest XI. Use it often, because it will allow you to improve your weapons or forge new ones. This is almost as important as leveling up, but of course, there are limitations ... Mainly because you will need materials, and these can only be found by getting lost in each of the sets. What's more: if there is something you did not forge correctly, you can remake it in exchange for perfectionist pearls.

Another option is to buy in stores, as well as sell the weapons that you are no longer using. It all depends on the money you carry at all times.

11. There is more than one ending

We don't want to tell you the whole story in a guide on getting started with Dragon Quest XI, but we are going to recommend you first not to uninstall the game when you pass it on, especially if you liked it.

When you finish your adventure, reload the game and you will see how it continues beyond the final boss. And it's not about an extra cinematic or boss, but a rather long part that expands on what you've been learning before. Furthermore, it is quite difficult. You already know that DQ XI is not particularly tough at any point, but the truly final parts will put even the most painted to the test and require you to wear very special equipment.