Guerrilla on Horizon's delay: "It will allow us extra time to sharpen our ambitious vision"

The game will arrive on PlayStation 4 on February 28, 2017. The delay has not surprised many users.

The announcement of the delay of Horizon: Zero Dawn has not caught many users by surprise, a few days ago a promotional image of the game was revealed in which there was no trace of the date for this year and many have been the speculations that coincided in the date change. However, the own Warfare He also wanted to come to the fore to offer his point of view on the decision made.

Hermen hulst, one of the top representatives of the Dutch team, has commented on the blog of PlayStation that "as you can see in the trailer, we have decided to change the launch date of Horizon Zero Dawn to March 1, 2017 (February 28 in the homeland). It has not been an easy decision to make: we know that many of you eager to test the game since it was announced, but we also want to make sure it has the playable and visual effects that all of our games are known for. "

Among the advantages highlighted by Hulst is that "the new date will allow us extra time to refine our ambitious vision for Horizon Zero Dawn." Of course, he regrets that the studio knows that "it is a decision that will not be liked by everyone, but we also know that the benefits of additional development time will clearly affect the coming months, as soon as we can show more interesting details and videos of the game. ".

It is one of the most anticipated exclusives on PlayStation 4. It will arrive in Spain on February 28, 2017.