Guerrilla releases new patch for Horizon: Zero Dawn

The update focuses on elements of the New Game + and the new difficulty.

Aloy's adventure does not rest in the lands of Playstation 4. Following the recent update 1.30, Guerrilla has just released 1.31 of Horizon: Zero Dawn. He has confirmed this on the PlayStation support page and explained that the changes are minor and that many are focused on the New Game +, added in the previous patch.

You can check the list on the web, but we recommend that you do it carefully, since some of the exposed details could be considered spoilers. In short: some elements of the new difficulty level and the new New Game + have been corrected to match the expected difficulty in each area of ​​the game.

Horizon: Zero Dawn hit stores this past March. It has become one of the most important exclusive games released on the Japanese platform.