Guerrilla is open to work on a new Killzone

The last episode of this action series premiered in 2013.

One of the top positions of Guerrilla Games has left the door open to a new Killzone, although Hermen Hulst has not wanted to get wet clearly. "Who am I to say that we will never do anything?" He told Game Informer magazine.

"Killzone is a key piece and is part of the very core of Guerrilla", continues the manager when talking about the importance of this popular series of first-person action video games for the Dutch studio. "There is a lot of love for this franchise. In a way it is conclusive, but at the same time we will leave everything open for the future," he continues.

The latest chapter in the franchise was Killzone: Shadow Fall for the PlayStation 4, which was released in late 2013. Since then, the Guerrilla Games team has been working on the promising Horizon: Zero Dawn, which will go on sale early next year. Will there be more battles against the Helghast? "There is too much in it [franchise] to make any kind of definitive statement about its future," Hulst concludes.