Guerrilla ruled out making a game similar to The Order

The creators of Horizon: Zero Dawn had that title steampunk profile in their portfolio almost to the end.

Hermen Hulst, the director of Guerrilla Games, has chatted with the prestigious creative Neil Druckmann, the script manager of The Last of Us among many others, about some very important elements that preceded the development of the spectacular Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Back in 2010, the gestation of ideas began that would end up leading to the next study project. "I said no puzzle games or racing, and it was like 45 men and women on the team who came up with different ideas," Hulst acknowledges on how the creative process begins. "A steampunk era, similar to The Order: 1886. In fact, very similar in many things: the setting, and some of the ideas about the gameplay as well. We took that idea and transformed it a little bit into a kind of thing of Superheros. Generally speaking, it was pretty close to what we did as it was a linear experience. And the other idea was Horizon Zero Dawn. "

In addition, he also related some curiosities about ideas that were discarded for Aloy's great adventure. "The first prototype we made had Killzone M82s and you could fire your machine gun at those robotic dinosourios. And it was something that we quickly realized was a little weird. It took you a long time to come up with the central combat idea for to take on these robotic dinosaurs. The amount of time it took us to make the first machine, which was that great T-Rex, the Thunderclap ... was a year and a half, "he continued. "So during that year and a half everyone started to have doubts. 'Is this ever going to work? What are we doing? You're shooting arrows at this great and powerful machine.How is that going to work? 'When we fixed that, we knew we would get a good game at least in terms of gameplay, but it took us a horrifying amount of time to get that. "